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Maker Kits

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This series of pages provides details about the development of a family of what are called Maker Kits that began with an initial Raspberry Pi Maker Kit Project that started in the summer of 2020.

The aim of the original Raspberry Pi kit project was to consolidate a number of components previously used in separate breadboard-based educational projects, along with some additional options, in a more robust, permanent assembly that uses a custom printed circuit board (PCB). This would then allow a wide range of individual components to be controlled and managed by software that runs on the Raspberry Pi, enabling a user to build up their own 'library' of tried and tested methods that they could combine and use in further projects of their own.

Building a permanent and robust assembly from a kit of components that includes a PCB, not only allows an extra 'soldering' skill to be practiced, but also allows the populated PCB to be used over an extended period of time to develop different software options.

The evolution of the initial Raspberry Pi based Maker Kit has now progressed to a significant stage and has prompted the development of a family of Kits. The family now includes a Starter Maker Kit for users that are just starting to explore digital making as well as further larger Kits that can be used with the new Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller as well as with more established ESP32 and ESP8266 microcontroller modules, which are all shown below along with a Raspberry Pi4.


RPi4 Raspberry Pi Pico 600w ESP32 38PIN ESP8266 NodeMCUv1.0


Details for all the Maker Kits being developed:



All the currently available maker project information:



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